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GlobalDevCenter's game development team has a great mix of passion, experience and is led by people who have shipped multiple products globally.

Our teams provide "work for hire" full-game development services from multiple locations across the world, leveraging the talent of highly creative designers, skilled software engineers, ninja producers, top quality artists and razor sharp quality analysts.

Apart from entertainment productions, they provide applied game services to companies and public institutions aiming to deploy game technology and design for more serious applications. Using our extensive game development knowledge, our teams deliver cross platform applied games and simulations to a global audience with minimal or no game development knowledge required from the client.


Game Pre-Production Services

  • Game Design Documentation
  • Technical Design Documentation
  • Art Direction Documentation
  • Storyboards & Concepts
  • Game Mechanics Prototyping
  • Game Wire-framing
  • Animatics

Game Production Services

  • Environmental and Prop Modelling
  • Character Modelling, Vehicle Modelling
  • Character & Prop Animation
  • Cinematic Sequences
  • User Interface Design
  • Sound/Voice over/Music
  • Single player &Multiplier development
  • Achievement & Scoring Systems
  • In-game Micro transactions
  • Game Engineering & Scripting
  • Multi-platform development (iOS, Android, Web & PC)
  • Multi-Engine expertise (Unity, Unreal, CryEnigne)
  • RPG’s, FPS’s, RTS’s, Sandbox’s, Platformers, and more!

Game Marketing Services

  • Complete Game Prototype
  • Game Mock-ups
  • Concepts
  • Campaign  compilation video
  • Website/Social Network coverage
  • Assistance with campaign presence
  • Print Media
  • Logo Treatments/Motion graphics
  • 2D or 3D Content generation (Characters, Environments, etc.) 
  • In-game Cinematic Sequences
  • Full Game Development Discounts  (available only with purchase of a marketing campaign)

Staff Augmentation Services

You can count with the most highly qualified IT Professionals (Top 3%) for short or long term assignments with GlobalDevCenter's Staff Augmentation Service

And it's available for every project. No matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of desk, mobile or web applications, testing and systems management.

With our dedicated engineers, you have the best option to quickly build a conveniently located, highly trained and experienced team, at a lower cost.

We provide everything necessary for your "extended team" to work as part of your local team, attending to your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers. Plus, the resources are typically charged per hour or per month for full­-time resources.

Nearshore Development Center

With a dedicated technology team usually based in Latin America, a Nearshore Development Center operates as a subsidiary of your company, working from dedicated facilities.

With the objective of taking advantage of the technical know-how, favorable cost, timezone and faster team staffing that GlobalDevCenter can offer.

Assisting our clients in setting up their Nearshore Development Center and in its operation, providing the resources necessary for development work, managing the Nearshore Development Center and the complete Software Development Lifecycle.


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